ISO 639-3 releases list of 2009 changes

John Cowan cowan at
Sat Jan 23 01:03:03 CET 2010

Mark Davis â?? scripsit:

> The information in 639-3 about deu is:
> deudeu / ger* <#note> deGerman
> Identifier:deuName:GermanStatus:ActiveCode sets: 639-2/T and
> 639-3Equivalents: 639-1: de
> 639-2/B: ger <documentation.asp?id=ger>Scope:Individual <scope.asp#I>Type:
> Living <types.asp#L>Denotation: See corresponding entry in
> Ethnologue<>
> .
> That has:
> *Population <ethno_docs/introduction.asp#population>* 75,300,000 in Germany

etc. etc. etc.  But you omit the most important bit, at the top, in
Really Big Letters:

German, Standard

It's very unlikely that Standard German will be divided into different
languages any time soon.

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