Preferred Values for Irregular Tags

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Jan 22 18:17:54 CET 2010

Michael Everson scripsit:

> > %%
> > Type: grandfathered
> > Tag: en-GB-oed
> > Description: English, Oxford English Dictionary spelling
> > Added: 2003-07-09
> > ***Preferred-Value: en-oxedict // with proposed new variant
> oxford would probably be better.

As I said at the time, en-oxford to me would suggest the dialect of

> But why en-oxford, and not en-GB- oxford? Does it matter in this
> case? (There could indeed be en-US-oxford.)

I don't think so.  en-US refers to American English, and OED spelling
is not a variety of American English spelling.  That is not to say that
some Americans (like Rick Moen) don't use en-GB spelling.

> > %%
> > Type: grandfathered
> > Tag: i-enochian
> > Description: Enochian
> > Added: 2002-07-03
> > ***Preferred-Value: xxx // Ask for new code from 639-3. This is a  
> > bizarre invented language, but there is precedent for invented  
> > languages.
> Erm, how invented is this? It's hard to find an actual grammar or  
> wordlist longer than 700 lines.

It surely wouldn't meet 639-3 standards today, so we can either leave it
alone or add it as a primary language tag "enochian" on our own account.

> > %%
> > Type: grandfathered
> > Tag: i-mingo
> > Description: Mingo
> > Added: 1997-09-19
> > ***Preferred-Value: see-mingo // Ask for new variant from this group
> My mind blurs on this one. 1997 is a long time ago...

Mingo is a dialect of Seneca, spoken by the ethnically distinct Mingo,
who migrated from Six Nations country to what is now Ohio.
Registering 'mingo' as a variant subtag would be the Right Thing.

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