Latvian extlang subtags

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Jan 22 17:30:10 CET 2010

Doug Ewell scripsit:

> Of possible interest to this list, based on earlier discussions: Latvian 
> was converted to a macrolanguage (encompassing Latgalian and Standard 
> Latvian)

Okay then.  In addition to the existing subtag 'lv', we will also have
the new subtags 'lvs' for Standard Latvian and 'ltg' for Latgalian.
This list has to decide, therefore, whether to allow 'lvs' and 'ltg' as
extlang subtags, thus permitting the tags "lv-lvs" and "lv-ltg".

I belive these lv-* forms should be permitted, on the close analogy of
kok-*, sw-*, and uz-*.  For all of these, there are two languages in the
macrolanguage, one of which is dominant, and so people will hesitate
whether to use the long-established macrolanguage identifier or the identifier
for the dominant individual language.  The forms ar-*, ms-*, and zh-*
are very similar except that there are multiple non-dominant languages.

The only argument against is that we did not do so for et-*; however, that
was not a reasoned decision but a matter of bad timing.

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