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"Phillips, Addison" <addison at amazon dot com> wrote:

> Personally, I found it preferable when you copied this list on your 
> submissions to IANA. That way there was a record of what was approved 
> and any clerical errors would be more likely to be caught. Once in the 
> registry, we might need to have Yet Another Round Of Requests to fix 
> it. With this announcement, I'm not quite sure which record you've 
> approved.

In the general case, it probably wouldn't hurt to reiterate the record 
and registration form being submitted.  But I note that there is no 
requirement to do this, and there are quite a few requirements specified 
for the Reviewer or designee.

In the specific case of 'hognorsk', Thorgeir Holm posted two 
registration forms, one with the subtag value 'hgnor' on December 20 and 
a second with the value revised to 'hognorsk' on December 26; this 
latter was submitted:


The only record was posted by me on December 26:


These two pieces were submitted as is to IANA, for anyone who would like 
to verify them.  It is a requirement that the exact record and 
registration form be posted to the list at least one week before 
submission, which is what happened.

On a related note, did the ietf-languages-announcements @ iana.org 
mailing list, required by Section 5.1, ever get created?  If not, what 
needs to be done to make this happen?

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