Re: Variant subtag proposal: Høgnorsk variety of Norwegian

Michael Everson everson at
Fri Jan 8 11:30:12 CET 2010

On 8 Jan 2010, at 10:01, Thorgeir Holm wrote:

> <hermer Doug Ewell frå 08.01.2010 04:05>
>> As soon as you start talking about choice of words and inflection  
>> and declension, you are no longer talking about orthography.
> So, can anybody tell me which choices of words and grammar are  
> included in 'nn' as registered today?

None. "nn" is inherited from ISO 639, where it is a code for the  
representation of the name of a language.

We're spinning our wheels here, folks. I've approved nn-hognorsk and  
have asked Doug to keep an eye on the calendar and it will be  
processed at the appointed time.

I'd be happy for this to be the last of this thread.

Michael Everson *

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