Re: Variant subtag proposal: Høgnorsk variety of Norwegian

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Jan 8 04:05:36 CET 2010

Leif Halvard Silli wrote:

> I'm not sure, though, why Doug said what he said....
> In truth, the conservative Nynorskians most often do not choose the 
> most typical Høgnorsk variants which the official Nynorsk norm 
> defines. They instead tend to write conservatively within the so 
> called schoolbook norm. Their conservatism is seen in choice of words, 
> in saying no to Bokmål loan words and in choosing the conservative 
> inflection/declension variants - when the so called schoolbook norm 
> permits it, and in emphasizing good Norwegian wording.

As soon as you start talking about choice of words and inflection and 
declension, you are no longer talking about orthography.

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