Re: Variant subtag proposal: Høgnorsk variety ofNorwegian

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Sun Jan 3 00:52:36 CET 2010

Hi -

This sounds like a quirk in the localisation of a particular
system, rather than a question of language tagging.  It does
not support the assertion that 'no' would be a sensible prefix
for 'hognorsk'.


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> Michael Everson, Sat, 2 Jan 2010 10:52:22 +0000:
> > On 2 Jan 2010, at 03:15, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
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> >> So now, at least OS X 10.5 has two tags which, in Apple's book,
> >> means  'Bokmål': 'no' and 'nb'. The exact same version of a particular
> >> application will be flagged as 'Norwegian' in 10.4 but as 'Bokmål'
> >> in 10.5.
> >
> > That would be a bug, I should think... where do you find this?
> Where? In Mac OS X 10.5. If you have Mac OS X 10.6, then you can check
> it is the same there - I have not upgraded yet. (I think Thorgeir has
> 10.6 - perhaps he can check.) Are you in a position to get the correct
> understanding through to Apple?
> It is is simple to check. Here is one way to do it:
> 1. Select an application in Finder - for example TextEdit.
> 2. Select the shortcut <Cmd-I> - or select 'Show info' -
>    in the File menu - you get an info panel.
> 3. Click the 'Language' field/button in the info panel -
>    you get to see a list of the languages the application
>    is localized in.
> If you were testing the Norwegian localization of Mac OS X, you would
> then see a language labeled simply "Bokmål" in that list. In the
> English localization, it is labeled as "Norwegian Bokmål".
> Now if control click on the application (TextEdit) icon and select the
> context menu "Show package content" [or whatever it is called in
> English], then you can navigate to the Resources folder - where you
> will find the folder 'no.lproj'. If you change that name to e.g.
> 'sv.lproj', then it will be listed in the info panel as 'Swedish'. You
> get the picture.
> Now, if you toggle between calling it 'no.lproj' or 'nb.lproj', then
> you can see that whatever you do, it is listed in the info panel as
> 'Bokmål'/'Norwegian Bokmål'. You can also try changing the name to
> 'nn.lproj' - it then get listed as Nynorsk.
> There are several more issues related to this: Most Nynorsk users
> expect to be able to get as much as possible in Nynorsk, but that else
> - wherever in life - things "falls back" to Bokmål. However, in OS X,
> if I select Nynorsk as preferred language, then everything labeled as
> 'nb' or 'no' is ignored - unless I am an conscious activist kind of guy
> (?) who manually select Bokmål as secondary language in the system's
> language preference settings.
> All this has been reported to Apple - in several bugs. Reminds me: I
> should probably check their status once more.
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