Re: Variant subtag proposal: Høgnorsk variety of Norwegian

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Jan 2 02:55:33 CET 2010

Leif Halvard Silli <xn dash dash mlform dash iua at xn dash dash mlform 
dash iua dot no> wrote:

> Another issue: For example 'et' recently became recognized as a 
> macrolanguage subtag with the meaning 'Estonian', previously having 
> been a ordinary language subtag for Estonian.

That's a request.  According to the ISO 639-3 Web site, the RA will 
announce "after 15 January 2010" which requests have been approved and 
which have been rejected.  We don't know yet whether the suite of 
Estonian requests (there are three) will be approved, unless we have 
inside information.

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