Web page with lnks to ISO-based changes

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Sun Feb 21 19:03:38 CET 2010

I've put up a Web page containing links to all 103 records and 
registration forms based on ISO 639-3 changes, to be sent to IANA after 
the review period ends on March 5.


This page is intended as a public service to help reviewers find the 
latest records and forms.  There have been several batches of posts to 
the list, plus many editorial changes, making it difficult to tell where 
the most up-to-date records and forms are.

Please note the following:

(1) My ISP inserts two lines of advertising junk at the end of every 
text file.  This is the price I pay for having a low-cost domain name. 
These lines are not part of the actual record or registration form and 
will not be submitted to IANA.  Please disregard them.

(2) The data is encoded in UTF-8.  If you click on a link for a language 
like "Caló" and see garbage in place of the accented O, try manually 
changing the encoding in your browser.  If you download the file, 
everything should look fine.

(3) This page is not intended to be a permanent fixture on my Web site. 
As soon as all the requested changes have been made to the Registry and 
IANA's registration forms archive, I will remove all of this material. 
Don't add a link to this page to your site.

(4) There are probably lots of ways to improve this page, such as by 
changing the ordering or allowing the user to change it, indicating the 
nature of the request (add/change/deprecate), linking to ISO 639-3 
change requests, etc.  Please understand how unlikely I am to spend 
large amounts of time working on this.

Doug Ewell  |  Thornton, Colorado, USA  |  http://www.ewellic.org
RFC 5645, 4645, UTN #14  |  ietf-languages @ http://is.gd/2kf0s ­

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