ISO 639-3 changes, part 6

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Feb 19 14:14:17 CET 2010

Kent Karlsson <kent dot karlsson14 at comhem dot se> wrote:

> I don't find either of the codes "gac" and "aqz" in the summary 
> document referenced.

They aren't in the summary document.  They were added after the main 
January update, at the same time the retirement of Lushootseed was 
pulled back, and although a February 3 update to the summary document 
includes the Lushootseed change, it does not include these two.  You can 
find 'aqz' and 'gac' in the downloadable .tab files.

I've been told more changes like 'aqz' and 'gac' are on the way.

> .
> (and there is a spurious linebreak...)

I put a space before the full stop so it would not appear to be part of 
the URL.  Because I have told my mailer to wrap lines at 72 characters, 
it breaks this long line before the full stop.  This is also true for 
the other 91 registration forms I've done here.  The forms are stored in 
individual files which will be zipped and sent to IANA as a big package, 
and will not have the line breaks.

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