Last call: Latvian (and Bontok) extlang subtags

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Feb 9 03:52:50 CET 2010

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

> I am rather annoyed, Doug, that you have not responded to what I 
> actually said, but instead launched into a discussion about Low Saxon.

I didn't intend to bring up a red herring, but rather to point out that 
we are in a rather sticky situation over these two macrolanguages, and 
that similar RA actions in the future (like Low Saxon, hypothetically) 
could lead to even more stickiness for us.

I am glad Peter has entered the discussion and hope enough light can now 
be shed on the whole affair that we can bring it to resolution.  The 
subtags related to RA actions on Latvian and Bontok languages can wait 
until then; there are plenty of others we can examine in the meantime.

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