Last call: Latvian (and Bontok) extlang subtags

Michael Everson everson at
Mon Feb 8 14:56:47 CET 2010

On 8 Feb 2010, at 13:39, Doug Ewell wrote:

> Regarding the extlang question, my proposal is indeed to assign  
> extlangs
> when their macrolanguage meets the criterion I mentioned earlier --  
> the
> macrolanguage subtag has been widely used to denote a single dominant
> language within the group -- and not assign them when it does not.  I
> wouldn't have used the word "ignore" but I suppose one could.

And how is the Reviewer to determine this?

"Just take my word for it" will be fine, Doug, if that is what you  
mean. But I have no way of knowing a-priori what has been "widely  
used" and what has not.

I've asked this question three ways now.

Michael Everson *

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