ISO 639-3 changes, part 2

Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Feb 7 04:45:37 CET 2010

I've formally reviewed the proposed records and registration forms put 
together by CE Whitehead in .

All of them look fine except for one glitch: the Description field in 
the registration form for 'drw' (Darwazi) was deleted.  It's pretty 
obvious this was not intentional; it was probably an editing error 
caused while deleting the Added field from the form.  Below is the 
corrected form with the Description field restored (and some unnecessary 
blank lines removed); all of CE's other records and forms will be 
submitted as-is when the time comes.



1. Name of requester: C. E. Whitehead
2. E-mail address of requester: cewcathar at
3. Record Requested:

  Type: language
  Subtag: drw
  Description: Darwazi
  Deprecated: 2010-03-01
  Preferred-Value: prs

4. Intended meaning of the subtag:

5. Reference to published description
  of the language (book or article):

6. Any other relevant information:

  This registration tracks a change made to ISO 639-3 effective
  2010-01-20, retiring the code element, 'drw', for Darwazi.  Merged 
with Dari [prs].

  For more information on the ISO 639-3 change, refer to

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