ISO 639-3 changes, part ? (Was ISO 639-3 changes, part 1)

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Feb 2 03:48:16 CET 2010

CE Whitehead wrote:

>> But please hold off on Lushootseed for the moment.
> I thought I was supposed to do all the first group of retired changes 
> (I've already done 'lut', 'lushootseed', but have put in inside of 
> brackets for now; let me know when you want it).

ISO 639-3/RA has informed me that they have pulled back the Lushootseed 
retirement.  This will be reflected on the official Web site on Tuesday. 
We have no work to do regarding this language at present.

>> Do not add Comments fields that simply duplicate the information in 
>> the Preferred-Value field.
> That was sort of what I suspected; sorry.
> (It would have been almost easier for you to just copy and paste these 
> than to train me would not it have?)

Maybe, but I decided to try an experiment in having someone else do 
these.  (No, I don't have any imminent plans to relinquish the Official 
Doug role.  It's more of an experiment.)

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