"French part" and "Dutch part" (was: Re: Records and registration forms for BQ, CW, SX, AN)

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Wed Dec 22 22:17:22 CET 2010

On Fri Dec 17 21:21:35 CET 2010, I wrote about ISO 3166-1 code element

> The ISO 3166 newsletter and the resources available from the MA's Web
> site give both "Sint Maarten" and "Sint Maarten (Dutch part)" as the
> official name.  I have contacted ISO 3166/MA to get a definitive
> answer.

I have not yet received a reply from the MA, and in the meantime, it
turns out that Newsletter VI-1 (November 2007), which introduced code
element 'MF', is also inconsistent about whether the name of that entity
is "Saint Martin" or "Saint Martin (French part)".  When we added subtag
'MF' to the Registry, we used the shorter form as the Description field.

We should probably be consistent with 'MF' and 'SX' and use one of these
pairs of descriptions:

MF - Saint Martin
SX - Sint Maarten


MF - Saint Martin (French part)
SX - Sint Maarten (Dutch part)

Please send your preference to the list.  The second option would
require modifying the existing record for 'MF', which is very little
work, but more than zero.

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