suppress-script values for macrolanguage-encompassed languages

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Hi, it seems at ethnologue it's grouped in the collection Deaf Sign Language (
So it can optionally be used with the code sgn as Richard Ishida's utility indicates the registry says:
"Yiddish Sign Language 
    For use with the sgn primary language subtag, ie. as the sequence sgn-yds. However it is usually preferable to replace that sequence with just the yds primary language subtag.

Type: extlang
Added: 2009-07-29
Preferred-Value: yds
Prefix: sgn"
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> Subject: Re: suppress-script values for macrolanguage-encompassed languages
> Peter Constable scripsit:
> > Yiddish Sign Language is encompassed by the Yiddish macrolanguage. 
> It is? doesn't say so.
> Did you drop a "not" there?
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> Is it not written, "That which is written, is written"?
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