New region subtags coming

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Fri Dec 17 17:52:50 CET 2010

I agree with deprecating AN.

I think AN should also include a note referencing BQ, CW, and SX. While this cannot be a Preferred-Value, it will make the registry more user-friendly.


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> Subject: New region subtags coming
> ISO 3166/MA has introduced three new country code elements
> reflecting
> recent world events:
> BQ  Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba
> CW  Curaçao
> SX  Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
> I will post registration forms and proposed records for these
> shortly.
> Note that the spellings in ISO 3166-1 are being followed here:
> "Sint
> Maarten" but "Saint" Eustatius.  The notation "(Dutch part)" is
> also
> part of the ISO 3166-1 name.
> In addition, ISO 3166/MA has withdrawn the code element AN for
> Netherlands Antilles, the entity that was dissolved to form the new
> entities represented by BQ, CW, and SX.  Do we want to deprecate AN
> in
> the Registry?  It would have no Preferred-Value, since there is no
> single indisputable successor state (similar to CS, NT, SU, and YU).
> IMHO this is a different question from the one I raised in March
> about
> deprecating AC (Ascension Island) and TA (Tristan da Cunha) when
> the
> Description for SH was broadened from "Saint Helena" to "Saint
> Helena,
> Ascension and Tristan da Cunha."  In the present case, ISO 3166/MA
> is
> actually withdrawing AN and all of the "replacement" code elements
> are
> assigned in 3166, not just exceptionally reserved.
> Regardless of whether AN is deprecated, I do think we should add a
> Comments field along the lines of "see BQ, CW, and SX" similar to
> what
> was done for CS, GB, YU, 003, and 021.
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