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CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Sun Dec 12 03:53:49 CET 2010

Peter Constable petercon at 
Sat Dec 11 17:34:37 CET 2010 
> The current record for tmh is

> Type: language
> Subtag: tmh
> Description: Tamashek
> Added: 2005-10-16
> Suppress-Script: Latn
> Scope: macrolanguage

> It's clearly incorrect for this to have a Suppress-Script field indicating Latn, and probably incorrect to have a Suppress-Script field at all: > the language is certainly and probably most-commonly written in the Tifinagh script.
+ 1 for this as literacy instruction for some of the languages encompassed by this macro-language seems to be occurring in non-Latin scropts.  (I still have to look over the rest of the requests -- sorry just got online today and all this was here, so I am not saying +1 to all requests yet, just to this one.)
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> Peter
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