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I've been occupied with other things for the past month or so, but I'd like to resume this topic. I've looked at cases involving macrolanguages with Suppress-Script values; here are my findings.

The following are macrolanguages that have Suppress-Script fields in their LSTR records (sorted first by script):

ar    Arabic                   Arab

fa    Persian                  Arab

ps    Pushto                   Arab

kok   Konkani (macrolanguage)  Deva

yi    Yiddish                  Hebr

ay    Aymara                   Latn

et    Estonian                 Latn

gn    Guarani                  Latn

lv    Latvian                  Latn

mg    Malagasy                 Latn

ms    Malay (macrolanguage)    Latn *

no    Norwegian                Latn

om    Oromo                    Latn *

qu    Quechua                  Latn

sq    Albanian                 Latn

sw    Swahili (macrolanguage)  Latn

tmh   Tamashek                 Latn *

I believe all of these are stable in relation to script usage except perhaps the ones I've marked with *. I've written in separate mail regarding Oromo and Tamashek; wrt Malay, there are various indigenous, Brahmi-derived scripts used across insular SE Asia, and for that reason it's not clear to me whether Malay languages are consistently written in Latin script or not. So, for the remainder of this discussion, I'm focusing on the 15 cases not marked.

So, for the 15 macrolanguages in question, my understanding is that there is a single script in each case that would be used for written content in any of the encompassed languages. Thus, the Suppress-Script field is appropriate for the macrolanguage record and would be equally appropriate for any of the encompassed languages. Of these 15 macrolanguages, however, only in the case of Norwegian do the records for the encompassed languages include Suppress-Script fields.

Accordingly, there are 146 records to which I suggest we add Suppress-Script fields based on the Suppress-Script value in the corresponding macrolanguage record. Here are the cases, grouped by script, then macrolanguage; * means that there are both language and extlang records that would be impacted:

Script = Arab, macrolanguage = ar

* aao  Algerian Saharan Arabic

* abh  Tajiki Arabic

* abv  Baharna Arabic

* acm  Mesopotamian Arabic

* acq  Ta'izzi-Adeni Arabic

* acw  Hijazi Arabic

* acx  Omani Arabic

* acy  Cypriot Arabic

* adf  Dhofari Arabic

* aeb  Tunisian Arabic

* aec  Saidi Arabic

* afb  Gulf Arabic

* ajp  South Levantine Arabic

* apc  North Levantine Arabic

* apd  Sudanese Arabic

* arb  Standard Arabic

* arq  Algerian Arabic

* ars  Najdi Arabic

* ary  Moroccan Arabic

* arz  Egyptian Arabic

* auz  Uzbeki Arabic

* avl  Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic

* ayh  Hadrami Arabic

* ayl  Libyan Arabic

* ayn  Sanaani Arabic

* ayp  North Mesopotamian Arabic

* bbz  Babalia Creole Arabic

* pga  Sudanese Creole Arabic

* shu  Chadian Arabic

* ssh  Shihhi Arabic

Script = Arab, macrolanguage = fa

  pes  Iranian Persian

  prs  Dari

Script = Arab, macrolanguage = ps

  pbt  Southern Pashto

  pbu  Northern Pashto

  pst  Central Pashto

Script = Deva, macrolanguage = kok

* gom  Goan Konkani

* knn  Konkani (individual language)

Script = Hebr, macrolanguage = yi

  ydd  Eastern Yiddish

  yih  Western Yiddish

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = ay

  ayc  Southern Aymara

  ayr  Central Aymara

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = et

  ekk  Standard Estonian

  vro  Võro

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = gn

  gnw  Western Bolivian Guaraní

  gug  Paraguayan Guaraní

  gui  Eastern Bolivian Guaraní

  gun  Mbyá Guaraní

  nhd  Chiripá, Ava  Guaraní

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = lv

* ltg  Latgalian

* lvs  Standard Latvian

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = mg

  bhr  Bara Malagasy

  bjq  Southern Betsimisaraka Malagasy

  bmm  Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy

  msh  Masikoro Malagasy

  plt  Plateau Malagasy

  skg  Sakalava Malagasy

  tdx  Tandroy-Mahafaly Malagasy

  txy  Tanosy Malagasy

  xmv  Antankarana Malagasy

  xmw  Tsimihety Malagasy

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = qu

  cqu  Chilean Quechua

  qub  Huallaga Huánuco Quechua

  qud  Calderón Highland Quichua

  quf  Lambayeque Quechua

  qug  Chimborazo Highland Quichua

  quh  South Bolivian Quechua

  quk  Chachapoyas Quechua

  qul  North Bolivian Quechua

  qup  Southern Pastaza Quechua

  qur  Yanahuanca Pasco Quechua

  qus  Santiago del Estero Quichua

  quw  Tena Lowland Quichua

  qux  Yauyos Quechua

  quy  Ayacucho Quechua

  quz  Cusco Quechua

  qva  Ambo-Pasco Quechua

  qvc  Cajamarca Quechua

  qve  Eastern Apurímac Quechua

  qvh  Huamalíes-Dos de Mayo Huánuco Quechua

  qvi  Imbabura Highland Quichua

  qvj  Loja Highland Quichua

  qvl  Cajatambo North Lima Quechua

  qvm  Margos-Yarowilca-Lauricocha Quechua

  qvn  North Junín Quechua

  qvo  Napo Lowland Quechua

  qvp  Pacaraos Quechua

  qvs  San Martín Quechua

  qvw  Huaylla Wanca Quechua

  qvz  Northern Pastaza Quichua

  qwa  Corongo Ancash Quechua

  qwc  Classical Quechua

  qwh  Huaylas Ancash Quechua

  qws  Sihuas Ancash Quechua

  qxa  Chiquián Ancash Quechua

  qxc  Chincha Quechua

  qxh  Panao Huánuco Quechua

  qxl  Salasaca Highland Quichua

  qxn  Northern Conchucos Ancash Quechua

  qxo  Southern Conchucos Ancash Quechua

  qxp  Puno Quechua

  qxr  Cañar Highland Quichua

  qxt  Santa Ana de Tusi Pasco Quechua

  qxu  Arequipa-La Unión Quechua

  qxw  Jauja Wanca Quechua

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = sq

  aae  Arbëreshë Albanian

  aat  Arvanitika Albanian

  aln  Gheg Albanian

  als  Tosk Albanian

Script = Latn, macrolanguage = sw

* swc  Congo Swahili

* swh  Swahili (individual language)

There were other cases not involving macrolanguages that I mentioned in the earlier thread; I'll leave those for separate discussion.


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