Reminder: Ulster Scots

Peter Constable petercon at
Tue Apr 6 02:42:53 CEST 2010

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> Well...I am with Peter and Randy in that I didn't interpret the "BZZZT" 
> response as "levity" either, but rather as dismissive.  Randy's information 
> may have been incorrect, but since he is a newcomer...

As Michael has noted, Randy isn't a newcomer; he's a long-standing and generally well-informed contributor. All the more reason why his input should not be treated with such cavalier disregard, with levity or not (but I agree with you that even newcomers need to be treated with respect).

I don't see anything incorrect about Randy's questions. Michael's response was that "There is only one orthography under consideration." But that's a fallacious response: he asked for a tag to identify an orthography, and if there is only one orthography, then there is nothing to differentiate, and no need for a tag. Thus, since Michael _did_ ask for a tag differentiating an orthography, it was entirely reasonable of Randy to assume it stood in contrast with some other orthographic conventions. And Randy went on to ask very reasonable and useful questions.


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