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> I don't know if I should mention this or not, but I will anyway.

> As far as I know, there are at least three variants of kunrei-shiki: the > original kunrei-shiki, a newer form (shin-kunrei-shiki), and the variant > (sometimes called JSL-romanization) used in Eleanor Harz Jorden's > textbooks that innumerable students once suffered through.I personally think that it's o.k. to encompass all three in the single subtag[kunrei] for now.The problem with [nihon] as I understand things is that we don't have a proper reference. I don't know Japanese so I may have missed some of the gist of this discussion,but I'll register a variant subtag for a fuzzily defined transcription (1), so long as the varieties/flavors are mutually comprehensible (I assume variants always are regisstered for something that all users can understand in spit of any additionial variation); (2), so long as there is a use community; and (3), so long as there is a proper reference.I'm happy to tile the plane and register additional variant subtags too (see Doug's query), but I'm also happy to just register what the user particularly needs too; whatever can be done! Best, C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at  		 	   		  
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