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I agree with Peter. What you was said was:

> I foresee little likelihood of my approving such a tag.

That phrasing is out of line. Alternatives like what Peter suggested are
perfectly appropriate.

The LSR has a role like the Chair of a working group. Note how, for example,
in the LTRU discussions both Martin and Randy were careful to separate their
statements as chairs from their statements as technical contributors. That
means also being even-handed in reflecting a reasoned consensus reached by
contributors, *even when that consensus is not what one personally feels is
optimal.* (Everyone in such a position needs to be able to do this; I can't
count the times where in the capacity of editor or author I've had to
faithfully represent a consensus that I disagreed with.)


And phrasing like this is not called for.


On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 07:56, Peter Constable <petercon at>wrote:

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> >> You're confusing the roles of Reviewer and individual contributor to
> >> this list. As an individual contributor, you may have opinions and
> >> arguments as to potentially valuable usage scenarios for the proposed
> >> tag -- or the lack thereof -- but as individual contributor you should
> >> not be making unilateral decisions as to what the outcome will be.
> > "I foresee little likelihood" means just that. It is not "I promise to
> reject". Now I
> > have said this TWICE to you, and you have come back with the same
> response.
> >
> > I did not make a decision. I expressed an opinion. You are way out of
> line putting
> > words into my mouth.
> Expression an opinion on the merits of a proposal is something you do in
> the capacity of an contributing expert, like the rest of us. Making comments
> on the outcome of discussion, whether final or not, is something you do in
> the capacity of Reviewer. It is premature in this discussion to be doing the
> latter, and even if "I foresee little likelihood" is not a decision it can
> stifle discussion and it suggests that you are prepared to act on your own
> opinion without hearing what other experts have to say. Had you said
> something like "I'm not inclined to support this," or, "I'm not in favour of
> this," then that would have sounded like an individual opinion. The
> statement "I foresee little likelihood of my approving such a tag" comes
> across very differently.
> Peter
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