Machine Translation

Yves Savourel yves at
Fri Sep 11 18:11:39 CEST 2009

> The following is part of a conversation I have been having with 
> a couple of colleagues and I was wondering if anyone had any 
> ideas on whether a generic tag could be registered for machine
> translated text?  In the past we have steered away from generic
> tags (such as western).
> ...
> Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Debbie, all,

It seems to me that using the language tag for describing how the tagged content was generated is not a very good idea. As a
developer and user of translation tools I think we would see many practical issues in dealing with such tags.

Note also that MT is not the only way to generate translated material: You could use also alignment and translation memories, in
both cases the resulting content is not perfect either. In fact some tools now provide translations from several different miced
sources (MT, TM, etc.): having to tag the text differently would not make sense. I would think such information would be better
provided in some other meta-data.


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