Language subtag modification form for 1694acad (Was: Flavors of Hepburn)

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CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> If the language subtag registry gets too cumbersome and you need to 
> index it and want help, let me know.

> I don't think the Registry is "cumbersome" in the sense that it is 
> harder to work with than it should be.  It's a large file, but there are 
> a lot of languages and scripts and countries in the world.

Right, but it would be nice to have an indexed version for slower computers.

>> It's entirely possible that the dates coincide, but that doesn't mean 
>> the histories are related, which was my point.
> ???
> Basically "Early Modern" here means after the Middle Ages, and before 
> the nineteenth (and maybe the eighteenth) century, whether we are 
> talking about language, literature, national history.  That's my 
> interpretation of the term.
> I think we agree in principle on this point, and I don't 
> wish to belabor it further.
Yes, fine, no need to belabor anything.  The time frame should not be specified; the variant can be precised with the  date it was catalogued, not used; that's the best way; that's what's now in the comments field; if that is not enough, f at some time down the road that is it is not, then maybe I'll ask again to change the description field, or someone else can.

> I could not find the URL for it at your site.  Sorry, I tried to link 
> to it but it was not there.

> As I said later, it's not publicly available due to some issues 
> that have caused me to be dissatisfied with it.  I could send it to 
> you off-list, but I don't want the issues to turn into a support burden; 
> I'd rather get it right next time.
O.k. you can try to send it to me in private; my laptop is mini mini mini though so I can't guarantee I can download it and I don't know how long I'll be in shape too, to do anything (health issues), but take care.  (actually, gosh, I don't even open email on my laptop because it's all wireless, I work from one site, and offline, and then when I'm done, move what I need from that one site to where I need it)
It sounds need, good luck getting it right!  Hope you can share it with the list; I'd rather just link to it online!

> The IANA Language Subtag Registry is a data source.  To the extent it 
> is incorporated into software, it is up to each developer or team 
> to make the Registry and their code work together, including 
> indexing the Registry data as needed.  Indexing of this sort is 
> an application-dependent concept.
> I don't think I expressed that the job was somehow beyond me or too 
> big for me.  I built both the initial RFC 4646 Registry and the 
> initial RFC 5646 Registry (both before the incremental changes 
> discussed on this 
> list) and wrote several programs to help index and otherwise manage 
> the  data during the Internet-Draft stages of these two documents.
Yes, you do a lot.


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