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Fri Oct 9 04:21:57 CEST 2009

On Tuesday, October 6, 2009 21:41, I wrote:

> Right now it uses a DLL pre-built from the Registry as its repository. 
> I'm not happy with that, and need to rework it to read the Registry 
> directly.  It has other problems that have prevented me from 
> distributing it.

Someone brought up an excellent point off-list, which I need to clarify:

If and when I do rework my app "to read the Registry directly," it will 
absolutely NOT go online to the IANA Web site and automatically download 
the Registry every time it is run.  Rather, it will be distributed with 
a copy of the Registry, the latest available at the time, and it will 
use that, just as I'm sure Richard's and the other apps do.  It will 
include user interface to allow the user to check if a newer copy is 
available from IANA and download it, but nothing will be automatic about 

Any app that automatically downloads 700 kB from someone's Web site 
would be engaging in a serious DoS attack, and I certainly have no 
intention of doing that.  On the other hand, keeping a 700 kB file 
sitting on your user's hard disk is hardly noticeable in this day.

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