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>> Actually the description field, "Early Modern French," is way too 
>> vague (see
>> for a description of what "early modern France"--and I presume as 
>> well, "early modern French"--encompasses;

> I wouldn't think the concept of "early modern" French, the language, 
> necessarily has anything to do with the concept of "early modern" 
> France, the country.
Actually the dates for both Early Modern France and Early Modern French literature seem to be roughly the same; I checked google--and the literature that is associated with "Early Modern French" is generally literature from the Renaissance and 17th century!  A Yale bibliography ( may include the 18th century as well (??--I'm not sure on this point) during which some elements of the variant encompassed by the subtag [acad1694] persisted.  (See my notes below on the dates encompassed by "Early Modern French.")
>> however I checked--the 'comments' come up with Richard Ishida's search 
>> utility!

> It depends on the application.  Mine displays comments when you 
> click Validate.

Thanks for this information.  Your application?  Written by ???

Is description field automatically displayed for your application?

If so, then maybe the description field is a good place to put, "as catalogued in the 1694 edition of the 'Dictionnaire de l'académie françoise'."

But so long as this information is in the comments field . . . 

I think we can leave things as they are for now.



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NOTES on the dates encompassed by "Early Modern French"

I checked

Early Modern France and Early Modern French seem to be synonynmous and include the Renaissance and the 17th century; early Modern France includes part of the 18th century as well; it's not clear that Early Modern French (literature) does however!  Yale however groups the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries together (  --of course, some of the features of Early Modern French do not disappear until sometime in the 18tth century whereas others disappear by the end of the 17th century


lists "Sublime Worlds: Early Modern French Literature." By EMMA GILBY. London: Le genda. 2006.
The above book deals with Pascal and other 17th century authors. 


Conley's book reviewed here seems to deal with Renaissance texts.


THe above article deals with Montaigne and the Renaissance


The above article deals with the 17th century.

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