ISO 3166-1 change in name of Venezuela

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Mar 19 14:39:57 CET 2009

ISO 3166-1 has recently changed the short name of Venezuela to 
"Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of", thereby matching the long name.

As a technical contributor, I would suggest that it is not necessary to 
change the Description field for the region subtag 'VE' to follow this 
change.  Description fields for ISO-based subtags are meant to convey 
the meaning of the entity as coded in the ISO standard, not to be 
normative formal names.  I think it would be difficult to argue that 
"Venezuela" is not an accurate name for this country.

In the past year, ISO 3166-1 has changed the short name of Moldova more 
than once, first removing "Republic of" and then adding it back.  I 
suggest that attempting to track these changes in the Registry would 
have provided a bit of distracting churn for no real gain, and I did not 
forward these changes to this list.  However, it is up to the Reviewer, 
with the help of this list, to decide if these changes should (or must) 
be reflected in the Registry.

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