Last call for ISO 15924-based updates

Mark Crispin markrcrispin at
Thu Mar 19 06:01:55 CET 2009

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009, Doug Ewell wrote:
> You have successfully missed my point.  It was supposed to be obvious 
> from the example that tagging individual code points in this way would 
> be a ridiculous thing to do.

Meta comment:

I have learned, the hard way, over a 30+ year period NEVER to 
underestimate the capacity of programmers to do ridiculous, harmful, and 
even crassly stupid things.

If the specification does not explicitly forbid something -- no matter how 
ridiculous, harmful, or crassly stupid -- some cretin will do it.  The 
greater the harm that it inflicts upon others, the greater the attraction 
to cretins; and no amount of expert opinion will convince the cretin not 
to do so.

If you think that it's ridiculous, but you don't really care if some 
cretin does so anyway, then you needn't say anything.

If, on the other hand, you want to prevent it from happening, and be able 
to stop it from continuing once it happens, you had better say something 
in the specification now before the horse leaves the barn.

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