Last call for ISO 15924-based updates

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The Unicode standard provides character-property data that gets consumed in software implementations for a variety of types of processing: text display, regular expression processing, ... One of the character properties used in such implementations is a script. Unicode needs a ID for use in their character property data to indicate the script of every character, and that includes the need to declare of _certain_ characters that they do not have an inherent script but rather inherit it from a different character in the usage context.


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Hi, Addision; thanks, however I am still confused because if unicode reconizes that diacritics inherit script from the surrounding characters, the tag seems unneeded, but forget it; it's not important.  A tag would never hurt in this case. . .
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> The tags in ISO 15924 are used to identify what script a certain character has in Unicode's list of characters. Unicode characters with a script property of Zinh inherit their script FROM THE PRECEDING CHARACTER in a piece of text. They don't inherit it from the script tag.

> Addison

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