Fwd: ISO 639 name changes

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Wed Mar 18 04:28:00 CET 2009

Rebecca S Guenther <rgue at loc dot gov> wrote:

> In response to recent messages on this list about the name changes in 
> ISO 639-2, below is a copy of the message that went out to several 
> lists including this one on Dec. 22, 2008 (I didn't keep all copies 
> but it was copied to ietf-languages at iana.org). Sorry about the columns 
> getting messed up.

This message never made it to the ietf-languages list according to the 
Web archive, the monthly downloadable text files, and my saved digests. 

> The purpose was to harmonize the names in all part of ISO 639, not to 
> change the scope.

Well, it's not a distinction that is reflected formally in the Registry, 
although some list members are interested in it.  To the extent that the 
new names are seen as a change of scope, each of them would be 
considered a "broadening change," which is permitted by RFC 4646, and 
which will make these subtags quite a bit easier to use.

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