Last call for ISO 15924-based updates

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I still favor a comment for [zinh] . . . in spite of misgivings here . . .


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>I disagree. The statement of what Zinh is in the registry for is  
>already in Doug's draft. There is no reason to add an imperative  
>statement telling users of the registry Not To Use It.I did not find it only Michael's citation of it . . . (I went through the draft online )
CHANGE COMMENT TO (the following is from information from John--the latter I extracted it from John's emails):

> Code 

. . . 

> used to label Unicode combining marks, which "inherit"
> their script property from the . . . character they are combined with. 'Dummy' script { Not used to tag documents ??}


However, I do question "Not used to tag documents" I am still totally lost (in spite of Peter's great explanations, below).  What exactly does "Not used to tag documents" mean?  Does it mean not used in the language tag indicating the overall document language, but possibly used somewhere in the document to indicate a diacritic mark on a character (where the display of the diacritic mark depends on the script/character)
(Sorry to ask a dumb question & I know this is long but I like lucid explanations that make sense to the unitiated.)
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> > My question is:  does this particular subtag 'zinh' help any applications display characters properly?
> The ISO 15924 script identifier, as it would be used in the Unicode Character Database, most definitely is used in software implementations to display text properly.
> As a subtag in a BCP47 language tag, it would most certainly NOT help any applications display characters properly. In a language tag, it would have no useful purpose.
> Peter

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