Last call for ISO 15924-based updates

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Mar 12 18:20:15 CET 2009

Lang Gérard scripsit:

> According to the GENUNG's Glossary (2002) "diacritic" (french "signe
> diacritique) is:
> "A sign, usually small, placed above, below or across a letter or
> group of letters in order to change the phonemic value of the original
> letter(s), or to denote stress or tone, or to distinguish between
> two words".

Just so.

> So, I do not see how it could be possible to "tag diacritics only"
> without any reference to the "diacriticised letter(s)".

The whole point of the Zinh code is to signal that the diacritic changes
its script depending on the diacriticized letter.  The acute accent, for
example, has no script of its own; it is understood as a Latin accent
when placed on a Latin letter, but as a Greek accent when placed on a
Greek letter.

Of course, no text can consist solely of diacritics, and therefore no
text can meaningfully be tagged Zinh as a whole.

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