Last call for ISO 15924-based updates

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Mar 12 14:51:26 CET 2009

Just a reminder that within the next day I will be sending the latest 
round of ISO 15924-based changes to the Reviewer, who in turn will 
forward them to IANA.

Please review the proposed changes at [1] and the minor erratum at [2] 
if you are interested.

I know some people wanted to add a comment to the record for 'Zinh' to 
alert people that this subtag is not expected to be useful for tagging. 
My personal view is that a brief comment is unnecessary but probably 
harmless -- I don't envision people falling over themselves to tag 
content as "inherited script," or to search for content so tagged.

If you really want to see a comment added at this point, we need a 
consensus quickly, or else a proposal to extend the review period. 
Please keep any proposed Comments fields *brief*; this is not a 
complicated concept and does not require a lengthy explanation.  Please 
also remember that Comments fields can be added, changed, or deleted at 
any time; this is not your last "window of opportunity" to solve this 
perceived problem.


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