Valencian Language Tag registration request

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Hi, and thanks for your clarifications.
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> Hi -

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>> However, if Valencian turns out to have a separate literature,
>> and Victor wants to apply for a language code such as "valencia"
>> (8 characters, the max allowed), fine.

> Not really.  He can always try!  Maybe they can create a literature, a specialized vocabulary . . .There is always tomorrow.>
> which, though technically work-in-progress, represents best current
> thinking, says:

  > If ISO 639 has previously rejected a
      language for registration, it is reasonable to assume that there
      must be additional, very compelling evidence of need before it
      will be registered as a primary language subtag in the IANA
      registry (to the extent that it is very unlikely that any subtags
      will be registered of this type). Right, I know this.

> I'd put the odds of Valencian getting a primary language subtag
> (of its own, different from 'ca') at exactly zero.
I can't guess the odds myself; it would depend on the evidence submitted I guess, though Valencian is close enough to Catalan I can see this is just a current political identity issue.
> All the evidence presented so far suggests that a variant subtag
> is the correct route.
There is one now already.
>> And as I've said before, I'd personally prefer a 2-character code
>> near the top of the list instead of something that will be hidden
>> way down.  So I'd leave the code as 'ca' for now.

> Where something shows up in the registry, and whether in the form of
> a primary language subtag or includes a variant subtag, should have
> no bearing whatsoever on what a user interface does.  The user
> simply should not care, and in most cases has no need to know,
> what the machine-to-machine code looks like.
Hmm, you know I have to go through the darned list and look up codes to include them in HTML; I guess there are not too many HTML authors left.But thanks for the clarification!Best,  C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at 
> Randy

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