Valencian Language Tag registration request

Marion Gunn mgunn at
Thu Jun 18 14:01:41 CEST 2009

That is a perfectly valid reason for your request, Victor, which worked 
for Bosnian, although only after many lives had been destroyed, which 
"justification" is not one to be wished on any country, so please bear 
in mind that such decisions are sometimes based on reasoned argument, 
sometimes on political bias and that being mocked in public, as you were 
today, is part of the price you pay for just asking in the current 
climate of intolerance of differences.

For the record, I abhor the recent mocking reference to my country's 
consititution so as to silence you (and ask the list owner to reject the 
use of this list to make such entirely inappropriate remarks).


Scríobh Victor on 18 Jun 2009, at 08:07, Victor:
> The main reason to request the language tag is the identity the  
> user's have about the language....


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