Suggestion: registration of variant subtags for Aluku, Ndyuka, and Pamaka

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Jan 24 02:26:49 CET 2009

Pascal Vaillant <pascal dot vaillant at guyane dot univ dash ag dot fr> 

> ... The disagreement between specialists would rather lie in one 
> detail, namely the mnemonic chosen to name that language : 'djk' 
> (language tag chosen by the SIL) is a reminder of Djuka, which is but 
> one variety of the language (though the most numerous). But this is 
> not a matter to be discussed here, I suppose.

It's not really.  But in truth, the ISO 639-3 people have to assign 
codes to 7,680 languages, and they only have 17,316 three-letter codes 
to work with ('qaa' through 'qtz' are reserved for private use), plus 
they quite rightly do not reuse codes that have been retired for 
whatever reason.  So it's inevitable that many of the codes will be less 
than ideal from a mnemonic standpoint.

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