Language tag registration request for transliterated Hebrew he-Latn

Peter S Abrahams peter.abrahams at
Thu Jan 1 12:43:43 CET 2009


    Name of requester          : Peter Abrahams

    E-mail address of requester: peter.abrahams at

    Tag to be registered       : he-Latn

    English name of language   : Hebrew transliterated into Latin text

    Native name of language (transcribed into ASCII): Ivrit b'otiot  

    Reference to published description of the language (book or  
article): Romanization of Hebrew Wikipedia 
  and Summary of ANSI Z39.25-1975 standard: transliteration of Hebrew

    Any other relevant information: I have chosen he-Latn as it is in  
line with other transliterations such as az-Latn.

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