Proposal to remove Preferred-Value field for region YU in LTRU

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Feb 28 18:55:47 CET 2009

Tex Texin <textexin at xencraft dot com> wrote:

> I don't understand the comments on a couple mails like the last para 
> in #5. A year ago it was decided that preferred values could be 
> changed. Fine. On 2/21/2009 the question was raised on this list about 
> YU's preferred value and the proposed change. I am responding to that 
> question. If it isn't open to debate, then I don't understand what was 
> being asked.

You are absolutely right and I apologize for this.  I did indeed ask 
this list and the Reviewer on the 21st if this change was acceptable: 
"Please send opinions, preferences, and comments to this list."

Within the next two days, five people including the Reviewer agreed, 
with no opposition (but lots of discussions about comments), and I 
announced on the 23rd that I would go ahead and make this change --  or 
more specifically, would not revert the change I had previously made 
before asking this list.  I submitted a draft 
that reflected this outcome.  Only on the 27th did I hear any objections 
to the removal of the Preferred-Value -- please let me know if I have 
missed any.

I suppose what I was reacting to was not simply the opposition to this 
specific YU issue, which was indeed open to debate several days ago, but 
to the new opposition against changing any Preferred-Value pointers at 
all, and to people expressing that opposition on this list instead of 
LTRU.  Even those who had previously championed this approach -- a 
change from 4646 -- have now come out against it.  As someone who is 
often called out for posting to one list when I should have posted to 
the other, I found this frustrating.

If you and others feel strongly that the Preferred-Value for YU should 
not be removed in draft-4645bis, but should remain CS, then I encourage 
you to participate in the IETF Last Call for this draft.  See for information on the IETF general 
mailing list, where these discussions will take place.

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