Zinh - Code for inherited script and governance of ISO 15924

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I completely agree.

In my opinion the real question is:
"If it had not been the case that:
(i)-ISO 15924 Registration Authority has been delegated by ISO to Unicode;
(ii)-the proposition to add inside ISO 15924 a new entry named "Code for inherited script/codet pour écriture heritée", with code elements ("Zinh", 994), is practically uniquely in the interest of Unicode and does not clearly  qualify as a good candidate for an entry inside ISO 15924(Because, in particular, ISO 15924 title is "Codes for the representation of names of scripts", so that entries of ISO 15924 must be "names of scripts", where a script is defined as"Set of characters used for the written form of one or more languages", so that a script must be used to write some language)


And if the answer to this question is CERTAINLY NOT ?

I will not add any other comment.


Gérard LANG


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Ok I agree. My beef is with ISO then.

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Tex Texin scripsit:

> Well yes and no. If it doesn't support the purposes of BCP 47 why do it?

What Doug said.  Excluding an ISO tag, however useless to us, is bad precedent.

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