Zinh - Code for inherited script

Tex Texin textexin at xencraft.com
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I wouldn't worry about bytes either. I do worry about dilution making the registry much more difficult to use for its intended purpose than it needs to be.
A policy of accept everything is worse than a slippery slope, it’s a cliff.


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> What is the point of having it at all?

As I see it, the main (and only) point of adding this subtag is that if 
we don't, we get ourselves started down the slippery slope of 
arbitrarily cherry-picking the core standards.  Next thing you know, 
someone would propose getting rid of region subtags like 'AQ' and 'BV', 
and then someone else would target 'Zsym', and then someone else would 
try to eliminate the collection language subtags, and the beat goes on. 
The precedent set by singling out 'Zinh' for non-inclusion would be much 
worse than having it chew up 91 bytes in the Registry.

For once, I won't argue against adding "do not use this subtag" comments 
that the group and Reviewer agree on.  Try to keep it short, though; 
it's not a complicated message.

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