Ietf-languages Digest, Vol 74, Issue 1

John Cowan cowan at
Sun Feb 22 21:10:39 CET 2009

Anthony Aristar scripsit:

> Sorry, John:  I wasn't trying to get at you... Rather, what you were 
> seeing was a level of frustration which
> is quite common in the linguistic community.  So far, the only 
> academically acceptable standard for language
> codes to come out of ISO is 639-3.  

Both ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 come out of the bibliographic community:
the fact that the statement of purposes mentions the needs of linguists
is IMHO unfortunate, as it's obvious that those standards don't suit
linguists at all.

John Cowan    cowan at
Rather than making ill-conceived suggestions for improvement based on
uninformed guesses about established conventions in a field of study with
which familiarity is limited, it is sometimes better to stick to merely
observing the usage and listening to the explanations offered, inserting
only questions as needed to fill in gaps in understanding. --Peter Constable

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