Proposal to remove Preferred-Value field for region YU in LTRU

Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Feb 22 08:01:20 CET 2009

CE Whitehead wrote:

> (This chain does provide a bit of history! )

I don't believe it's the Registry's job to provide history.  Historical 
background information may be useful in some cases to help users make 
good language tagging choices, but not for its own sake.  It would be 
hard to tell where to stop; there would be no point in adding a comment 
to the region subtag 'US' to point out that the United States were once 
colonies of Great Britain.

> I feel that the Comments field is absolutely needed.
> (Can we always add comments when a subtag is deprecated & there is no 
> preferred value?

There is no provision in the drafts for any comments to be mandatory, 
and in my opinion there should not be.

> [but I do wonder what way the comments field influences how 
> applications process language info, if it does?])

Since Comments fields are free-form text, it would hard to see how 
applications would use them, other than displaying them.

> I am unsure as to whether we should wait for RFC 4646 or not (need to 
> research protocol), but note that doing so involves having Doug modify 
> 4645 still another time.

I have to modify draft-4645bis (which I'm sure is what you meant) again 

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