ISO 639-5 code list is available

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Fri Feb 20 21:19:50 CET 2009

The ISO 639-5 code list (Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages. Part 5: Alpha-3 code for language families and groups) is now available from the Library of Congress, which has been designated its Registration authority: 

ISO 639-5 provides a code consisting of language code elements comprising three-letter language identifiers for the representation of names of living and extinct language families and groups.

ISO 639-2 (Alpha-3 code) includes some language groups and language families, but by no means a complete list. The purpose of the code elements for language groups and language families in ISO 639-2 is to provide a means to register the language of a document even when the individual language in question is not included in the code table because it doesn't meet the criteria for establishing a separate code. ISO 639-5 supplements the coding of language groups and language families in ISO 639-2. However, the depth and detail of coding in ISO 639-5 is intended to support the overall language coding of the ISO 639 series of International Standards rather than provide a scientific classification of the languages of the world. 

The list will be maintained by the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee with the Library of Congress as Registration Authority.

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