Multiple preferred values [was: Add retired tag "eml" to the IANAregistry]

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Dec 14 17:45:04 CET 2009

Randy Presuhn scripsit:

> BCP 47 doesn't allow multiple Preferred-Value fields, and, more
> importantly, it doesn't allow splitting a tag.  The impact of an ISO
> decision to split would be the creation of new subtags, most likely
> as variants, to identify the distinction.  

Going forward, all the retired subtags will already be in the registry,
free for anyone to use, even if marked deprecated.  Consequently, there
will be no need to allocate variant subtags for these dialects.

My proposal was intended to restore parity between the 2007-2009 and
the 2009-? periods.

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