Request: Add retired tag "eml" to the IANA registry

John Cowan cowan at
Sat Dec 12 00:25:10 CET 2009

Randy Presuhn scripsit:

> We should also keep in mind the RFC 5646 section 3.4 (13) principle of
> not adding a new subtag with semantics identical  to something already
> in the registry.

Only a few of the 639-3 retired codes have this problem.  Almost all
of them represent either splits (multiple languages were incorrectly
treated as dialects of the same language) or mergers (dialects of
a single language were incorrectly treated as multiple languages).
The only cases that are problematic with respect to 3.4.13 are ones
where a single language was known by two different names which were
erroneously coded separately.  AFAICT there are at most 8 such cases:

Bogan 'bgh' => Bugan 'bbh'
Buxinhua 'bxt' => Bit 'bgk'
Darang Deng 'dat' => Digaro Mishmi 'mhu'
Geman Deng 'gen' => Miju-Mishmi 'mxj'
Occidental 'occ' => Interlingue 'ile'
Old Persian 'ope' => Old Persian 'peo'
Sakan 'xsk' => Khotanese 'kho'
Sindang Kelingi 'sdi' => Col 'liw'

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