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Hi, I realize that that Latgalian/Latvian and Samogitian/Lithuanian are a bit different than 
the Walliser German and Walser German issue--that there's no real standard that is close to Walliser German--the only similarity is that, in each case, having a macro-language might make it easier to match older content with that that has been recently created and tagged with the new subtags (assuming these go through)?? 
I'm less sure about the purpose of making any of these new subtags extension languages however. 

In any case, my understanding has been that--should Latvian be made a macrolanguage and Latgalian an extension language--there would still be a Latgalian language subtag as well and that [ltg] thus would be the best 
choice of a subtag although [lv-ltg] (is that right, the macro-language subtag would be lv not lav?) would be well-formed.So there is one best way to tag documents if the tag is created, regardless of whether Latgalian also becomes an extension language.I hope that's right.  From the discussion I think not.

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