Criteria for languages?

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We should not be second guessing. If the MARC community tells us (or, rather, tells the 639-3 RA and JAC) they are not dependent on assuming that Latgalian is encompassed by lav, fine; otherwise, the onus lies on the JAC to ensure that they don't make changes that create risks for consumers of ISO 639 such as MARC.

That's my opinion.


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On 4 Dec 2009, at 23:03, John Cowan wrote:

> Michael Everson scripsit:
>> Honestly. How many Latgalian texts does the LOC have tagged? 6? 60?
>> 600? 6,000? It cannot possibly be 60,000.
> It's not just the LoC, it's all the other librarians who follow MARC 
> guidelines.

Even so. My question stands. Surely this can be quantified.

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