PROPOSAL: Remove Deprecation on "sh" in the IANA subtag registry

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Aug 27 15:10:59 CEST 2009

We haven't had any discussion in two weeks on the proposal to 
un-deprecate 'sh', but the latest proposal by Addison (with a new 
Comments field) hasn't yet been posted in a single form-and-record 

Addison suggested:

> Comment: For most modern uses, the subtags for languages enclosed by
>   this macrolanguage are usually preferred, cf. "sr" (Serbian), "hr"
>   (Croatian), "bs" (Bosnian).

and I wanted to propose something like this instead:

> Comments: sr, hr, bs are preferred for most modern uses

to avoid dragging "macrolanguage" into the picture and to avoid 
repeating the names of other subtags (which may change).

I also asked (twice) for clarification on what difference it makes that 
'sh' is a macrolanguage, or more precisely, corresponds to ISO 639-3 
'hbs' which is a macrolanguage in that standard.  I still don't see what 
being a macrolanguage has to do with being deprecated or not deprecated. 
I withdraw any objections to removing the Deprecated field from this 
subtag, but would like it to be for the right, defensible reason, such 
as that the status of the code element in 639-3 is believed to supersede 
that of 639-1.

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