Adding variant subtags 'aluku' and 'nduyka' and 'pamaka' for dialects

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Sun Aug 23 21:33:50 CEST 2009

"Phillips, Addison" <addison at amazon dot com> wrote:

>> So when I change a name in ISO 15924 the new process will allow that 
>> to happen without endless discussion and debate? ;-)
> When you change a name in ISO 15924, that change can be reflected here 
> two weeks later, subject, of course, to the registration process. As 
> the reviewer, you control how long discussion and debate continues.

Well, it's true that ISO-based additions and name changes sometimes 
elicit a disproportionate amount of discussion and debate.  Consider 
what happened when ISO 15924 added 'Zinh' -- there was a huge amount of 
debate around adding a "health warning" telling people not to use the 
subtag (which we did, though it was unprecedented), and even some 
complaints that ISO 15924 should not have added the code element (which 
is not by any means our decision to make).

Ultimately, though, it is indeed Michael's job to rule on registration 
requests, even if the discussion and debate shows little sign of ending. 
He can declare the thread closed, although the on-list grumbling may 

>> Did I mention the word "reject"?
> By inference, yes you have. You are required to accept, reject, or 
> extend debate on any request following the two week review period. 
> You're not proposing to extend debate on these requests in two-week 
> increments (which must be done by saying so on this list) for, oh, say 
> the next five to eighteen months are you? And you're proposing not to 
> accept them in the mean time.

If Michael wants to extend the review period two weeks at a time, that 
is his prerogative.  But the only other options are to approve the 
registrations, or to reject them, possibly with conditions that would 
cause subsequent submissions to be accepted.  Extending the review 
period indefinitely "until we hear back from ISO 639-3" isn't an option.

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