PROPOSAL: Remove Deprecation on "sh" in the IANA subtag registry

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Aug 10 15:29:23 CEST 2009

Mark Davis ? <mark at macchiato dot com> wrote:

> There is an anomaly in the upcoming registry. The ISO 639-3 code 
> corresponding to 'sh' is not deprecated, it is an ordinary 
> macrolanguage like many ('no', 'zh', 'ar',...)
> Yet in the registry, we have 'sh' as Deprecated. The new version of 
> BCP 47 follows the status of languages in ISO 639-3, and for 
> consistency "sh" should not be deprecated. (From a usage standpoint, 
> the code "sh" is also as useful as any other macrolanguage.)

Just to clarify what I think you said: The rationale for removing 
deprecation here is that we should follow ISO 639-3, which does not 
deprecate 'hbs'.  I don't object to this rationale.

At one point I believe it was stated that it was inconsistent or 
inappropriate for 'sh' to be deprecated *because* it was a macrolanguage 
subtag.  I don't agree that this is a goal, and if this rationale were 
being presented, I would object to it.

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